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Captivates Corporate office

Captivate takes pride in our staff and knowledgeable professionals with years of experience in the online marketing forum.  We are equipped to handle any and all projects.  Staying abreast of new and changing online marketing strategies is our goal.


Captivates business model is very unique in that we provide almost every service a growing business needs to succeed all in one place.  You no longer need to hire a web designer to design your website, then go to other companies to advertise the site, design your own ads, then pay for an email contact company to stay in touch with previous prospects.  Icon will handle all these services in house and offer you a much lower price for all.  Another example would be demonstrated by direct mail campaigns,  you no longer need to buy a data list, pay a designer to design the ad, pay a printer, and pay to sort and mail the pieces.  Icon would handle all aspects and save you hundreds or even thousands of dollars.

More importantly, you have the convenience of working with one knowledgeable, well trained, and available consultant, face to face, instead of trying to contact multiple companies, speaking to automated machines and waiting for call backs. WE OFFER THESE SERVICES 100% FREE OF CHARGE


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